The Sparrow – CD

This CD is was released some time ago but is still available from Amazon



Saw this great singer as support for Chris Rea in Nottingham; she has a terrific voice and sings with passion and feeling, thoroughly deserves recognition. Get this album where you can and you are in for a treat whatever the price.

Excellent album, great voice, singing excellent songs in the main composed by Chris Rea. The combination really works. Track 4 is my favourite but it is fair to say that they are all good.
This girl deserves some decent airplay and commercial backing from the point of view of making her a big artist. Jazee Blue and Chris Rea have supported a bright new talent and I cannot wait for a follow up CD, although I understand Chris Rea is currently making a new CD of his own ‘The Blue Jukebox’ for release in 2004. I too will be buying that being a big Chris Rea fan. If you want some music that will make you feel it was worthwhile spending the cash on the CD then this gem is for you. Excellent.

This is bliss!! Sarah Randle has a great voice or should I say many emotive voices. On one hand raw blues up there with Bonnie Raitt, then pure gospel, then jazzy relections. This is a find – and I can’t wait to hear of touring dates. Could this be an artist who will be giving us new music for the next 20 plus years? I hope so – I believe so!! If you are a fan of blues, jazz or gospel – you will view this as one of the albums of the year. Not a bad song on the album. Just great lyrics delivered with pure raw feeling!!!!!

There are few albums anymore that you can listen to once and immediately hit replay for the next year, all the while finding new things you like about each and every song. This album is one of those rare cd’s that is worth the price even if it were only one song (and it could be ANY one of the songs). Sarah Randle’s voice is soothing, bluesy, bold, aggressive and tender. She melds with the sounds and moods of the music so the final sound that hits the ear is one complete experience. With the music industry going to hell in a hand basket and most artists sounding like a canned casserole, this world desperately needs more of this ARTIST!
Great writing by Chris Rea also (as always). Would love more collaberations by these two!

I heard ‘Sparrow’ being sung by Sarah Randle on BBC Radio 2 recently and I was instantly hooked, I had to listen to more! The album has had a few plays now, and I love it! every single track! I hope some serious publicity is in the pipeline so that others can discover this fine female vocalist, I’m sure it wont be too long before we see her performing on TV with the likes of Jools Holland or Jonathan Ross truely launching her career. Thank you Sarah and thank you Chris Rea for discovering this young lady!